About Us

Sheridan Specialties began with the premise that chefs in finer restaurants needed new and unique products to keep their menus fresh and interesting, as demanded by their increasingly sophisticated clientele.   Starting from specialty oils and unique herbs and spices, Sheridan expanded into “center of the plate” products and now has a full line of proteins in addition to the specialty products for which is known.

Sheridan Specialties continues to be a trendsetter for unique and specialty foods in Southern Ontario.  We bring new products and new ideas from all over the world to our discerning chefs.  We go out of our way to service our customers promptly and accurately with the highest quality products.

Sheridan is small and nimble enough to source products from local producers and large enough to buy from any supplier, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of high-quality products as well as a large number of local and sustainable products.

New customers are often pleasantly surprised by the size of our minimum order, the number of times we deliver and our willingness and ability to source new products. In fact, our product list has grown largely because of customer requests and it will continue to grow as we source new products our customers need.

Our warehouse is located near the Erin Mills Parkway/Southdown Road exit off the QEW. Our facility is HAACP-recognized.

Sheridan Specialties is locally-owned and operated. It is a small business with hundreds of regular customers and suppliers, and uses local businesses for services wherever practical.

We would love the chance to earn your business. Please contact us to set up an account or for more information.