20407862_sWe hand-select our choice cuts from local and national beef suppliers. We carry a wide variety of grades including our own Sheridan Gold label, Kobe and Waygu. Our full butcher shop can create any cut you can imagine, and has a sophisticated wet and dry-aging program.

We have special programs with two Canadian suppliers: Ryding-Regency, located in Etobicoke, and Brant Lake Cattle, located 40 minutes from Calgary, Alberta.

Ryding-Regency Meat Packers has proudly supplied the Sheridan Gold Label meat program for 10 years. Ryding has the 3rd largest federally inspected plant in Ontario. Only their highest-quality AAA product meets the Gold standard; the remainder retains the AAA label. The product is further inspected by Sheridan’s Head Butcher. Choosing Sheridan Gold, you can rest assured that your beef is carefully handled at each level of processing, which means a superior final product on your customer’s plate.

18415675_sBrant Lake Cattle is a small, family producer of unbelievably marbled, high quality beef from Japanese Wagyu cattle, crossed with the best of Canadian domestic Angus cattle. The herd is pasture-grazed and barley-fed without hormones. The results are a highly marbled beef, unique for its flavour, texture, quality and health benefits at a much lower cost than most product labeled Wagyu or Kobe.

We have also recently begun supplying PEI Beef from Dolan Foods. PEI’s iron-rich, red soil produces not only potatoes, but also many types of grasses and pastures for grazing. All PEI beef is raised on small family farms where they are fed a more traditional and natural diet .The animals grow more slowly and naturally which produces meat rich in marbling, texture and a more traditional beef flavour.