20777593_sWe carry two full chicken lines: “Air Chilled” and “Water Chilled”. Pixtar is our “Air Chilled” processor, meaning the chicken is cooled down for processing using cold air. Most chicken now is “Water Chilled”, which means it is cooled by being immersed in vats of chlorinated chilled water. This process causes the chicken to absorb up to 12% of its weight in added moisture.  Not only do you pay for this added water weight which simply evaporates during the cooking process, but it affects the consistency and the taste. Air Chilled chicken has a cleaner taste, which older generations describe as tasting “like chicken used to taste“.

9537290_sWe also have a full line of “Water Chilled” chicken for the most budget-conscious. We have a just-in-time delivery system ensuring that your chicken arrives within hours of processing in most cases.

Our frozen products are all natural, gluten free and contain no fillers or water. They are a tasty and healthier alternative to similar pork products.